All Entrepreneurs Are NOT the Same

This recent blog post in the ISBDC blog jelled so well with discussions I have been having lately, that I had to share. All Entrepreneurs Are NOT the Same. talks about the different types of entrepreneurial attitudes- think of it as a Myers Briggs for entrepreneurs.  What has been getting stuck in my crawl lately is hearing over and over that the hallmark of an entrepreneur is a desire to make cash. Now, do not kid yourself. I want to make money- who doesn’t?  But making tons of cash is not a goal that would keep me pounding through 16 – 20 hours days of turning a startup into a viable, stable business.  What keeps me going when the day goes long is the knowledge that this work will translate into more jobs for the people in my community. The fact that in a few weeks there will be families who can make their mortgage and do something fun together because Thavron Solutions brought job opportunities in is what pushes me through the hard spots.

In the test, I classified as a BI ( builder/innovator), which reads pretty true to my self assessment.

How about you? What kind of entrepreneur are you?



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