Slippery Starts

After weeks of repeated weather forecasts calling for 3-6 inches of snow that materialized only as a dusting, I went to sleep last night ignoring the single inch of snow in the forecast.
Waking up in the dark this morning, we were greeted by about 3 inches of snow, and it is still falling. There is something magical about early morning snow- it quiets the world and gathers secrets in small puddles.
Sam has a 2 hour delay, which means she can respond to this natural snow blanket with a slightly slower pace; but because she goes to the city school one district over, Xandra is not at all delayed and we were off and driving in the silly slick coverings on the roads. Most of the roads have not yet been delayed so the very light fluffy white snow has been compacted by traffic into toboggan runs carved into the middle of the streets. Needless to say, it was an interesting drive there and back. Luckily we made it both ways without incident and had a moment to admire the crabapple in the front yard.

4 thoughts on “Slippery Starts

  1. It’s 10 AM and now the wind has picked up here, therefore all the snow on the branches is coming down rather violently! Huge softball sized snow is falling in my backyard, trailing plumes of snowy smoke. I feel like I’m watching a bully kick down my pretty snow scene.

  2. @mommagoth: What cool imagery, although I am sorry your scene is getting messed up. it is till snowing pretty hard here. The wind is knocking the snow off of narrow places, like the power lines, but it is still piling up in other spots.

  3. @datagoddess; There was about 4 inches of snow in the driveway when I had to run xandra in to school this morning, so it will scare me if those tire tracks fill in. I am hoping this slacks up by noon, then Sam and I can shovel over my lunch break before I have to do the after school run.

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